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I grew up in the country with hundreds of acres of rolling hills where mom would send me to collect bouquets of wild flowers. I would walk through fields and forests and down by the stream to collect tiger lilies, goldenrod, daisies, buttercups, black-eyed Susans, apple blossoms, any kind of wild flower I could find — sometimes even dandelions.

Mom also planted annuals and perennials in her gardens and Iʼd gather those blooms, too. Occasionally, I would pick a bouquet and sell them to the neighbors for a quarter! Now, I sell my bouquets on large canvases. Some are ordered, some disordered. Color, collages of shape and line and circles, triangles, dashes and spots.

My flower paintings are composed of simple geometric translations of flower petals, stems and blossoms, and yet still maintain a recognizable flower image. The color compositions are experiments in color combinations and juxtaposition.

These flower studies allow me to escape the city and explore the countryside again. I am very present when I paint these, lost in a sea of color.

I try to recreate the emotions of standing in a field of color, that feeling of awe created, by the vivid and delicate of different parts of a flower and sees its beauty and feel its life. Small, simple, delicate petals bursting forth with spirit and joy. They complement the skies, and the wind, and the sunlight, they please birds and wildlife that witness it, taste it or brush by it! They satisfy the bees who pollinate them and the hummingbirds that steal their nectar. Flowers give pleasure to much of the natural world with their small unassuming stature!

I get pleasure in capturing the colors and the feeling that flowers evoke – trying to anticipate which colors and shapes will work well next to each other, trying to consider the positive and negative spaces, trying to create the beauty that is innate in the wild spaces, and the patterns that exists in the ordered spaces of parks and gardens.

I try to pass that vibrant experience on to the viewer.

-Ursula Roma 2016

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